About (re)defining Rocky

Why did I choose to name my company ‘BeRocky’?

Of course ‘rocky’ refers to rocky road chocolate, my core business. The name of this traditional Australian chocolate treat is said to refer to the hard life of people in the gold mining business (in the 1850s). For some people however, their first association with ‘rocky’ is the movie series Rocky about the boxer Rocky Balboa (starring Sylvester Stallone). Rocky’s personality is one who overcomes obstacles to reach his goals.

If you look up ‘rocky’ in a dictionary, you may come up with definitions like:
– marked by obstacles or problems (like ‘the rocky road of life’ of Rocky and the miners)
– steadfast, stubborn, unyielding, insensitive
– wobbly, unstable, unsteady or shaky

So, being rocky can mean being difficult, stubborn and wobbly… Sounds a bit negative. That’s not what I am like . This is how I (re)define ‘be rocky’:

Take life as it comes, expect the road to be rocky at times, be firm if necessary, allow yourself to be unsteady sometimes, accept that some rocks cannot be moved, move around them, and… remember that rocks can be sculptured in the most beautiful works of art.

Suits my life philosophy and the way I hope to build this company.